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Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad

Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad ("KIBB") is the largest independent investment bank* in the country by equity trading volume and value, as well as one of the top three brokerage houses in Malaysia.

Global Equity Trading


With the aim of diversifying our client's investment portfolio, we offer access to 15 foreign markets including those in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States through Kenanga’s global trading platform.

Benefits of the global trading platform include:

  • Efficient and Convenient

Trade on global markets efficiently, from Malaysia, by opening a trading account (for both local and foreign markets)

  • Ease In Placing Orders

To place a global trading order, just call your remisier or trade online

  • Local Currency Settlement

All transactions will be settled in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

  • Foreign Currency Settlement

Our clients have the option to settle the contract using HKD, SGD, USD or GBP currencies. Alternatively, they can instruct the bank to keep their sales proceeds in these three currencies for the ease of FOREX.

  • Diversification Of Investment Portfolio

Our clients can trade in more 15 markets in the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Shanghai and Shenzhen

  • Night Dealing Service Desk

We complement night trading activities by offering a Night Dealing Desk. Call the Night Dealing Team to place orders for the US markets after midnight.

  • One Stop Global Investment Center

We provide access to more than 15 equity trading markets worldwide.

  1. AMEX                   (American Stock Exchange)
  2. NASDAQ              (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation)
  3. NYSE                   (New York Stock Exchange)
  4. LSE                     (London Stock Exchange)
  5. ASX                     (Australian Stock Exchange)
  6. SGX                     (Singapore Exchange)
  7. SEHK                  (Stock Exchange of Hong Kong)
  8. INSE                    (Indonesia Stock Exchange)
  9. SZSE                   (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)
  10. SSE                     (Shanghai Stock Exchange)
  11. CSE                     (Colombo Stock Exchange)
  12. TSE                      (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
  13. SET                      (Stock Exchange of Thailand)
  14. KRX                      (Korea Stock Exchange)
  15. KLSE                    (Bursa Malaysia)
  16. Europe Markets

For more information, please email kentrade@kenanga.com.my

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