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Kenanga Art of Investing

Kenanga Art of Investing

Our third chapter of our Art of Investing series on retirement planning. 

They say “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” That saying actually applies to retirement planning as well. However, all too often we race through the nitty-gritty details of our finances and neglect to focus on crucial elements especially on saving for retirement long before those golden years approach. 

Sure, we are overwhelmed by the idea of trying to save because of the multitude of financial commitments. It’s no surprise that many a times people tell me they can’t afford to save. We tell them they can’t afford not to save for retirement. Here’s a decade-by-decade plan that will ensure you are on track for a more sustainable retirement.

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Kenanga Art of Investing - Retirement Planning

20 Jun 2016
Retirement can be a wonderful journey if planning is done carefully.

Retirement Tip #5: Sustainable Retirement Income

15 Jun 2016
Keep your finances going even during your retirement years.

Retirement Tip #4: Don't Place All Your Eggs In 1 Baske…

12 Jun 2016
Diversify your investments to avoid risking it all.

Retirement Tip #3: Handling Retirement Planning

9 Jun 2016
There are always fool proof ways for you to ensure you’re ready for retirement.

Retirement Tip #2: Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes

3 Jun 2016
It may seem like common sense, but mistakes can still happen.

Retirement Tip #1: There Are 3 Retirement Phases

29 May 2016
There are 3 retirement phases – Go-Go, Slow-Go and No-Go. Which one are you in?

PRS Tip #5: Plan For A Better Future

18 Dec 2015
Retirement planning is the key to a better future.

PRS Tip #4: Save More And Then Save Even More

16 Dec 2015
Did you know that contributing to PRS funds comes with a tax relief of up to RM3…

PRS Tip #3: 1 Scheme, 3 Core Funds

14 Dec 2015
Everybody has different risk appetites and retirement goals.

PRS Tip #2: Save On Drinks. Save For Retirement

10 Dec 2015
The amount you pay for a cup of bubble tea could be contributed to a PRS fund.

PRS Tip #1: Don't Outlive Your Retirement

8 Dec 2015
Did you know that you need at least 15 years of savings to retire well?

Kenanga Art of Investing - PRS

7 Dec 2015
Chapter 2: Art of Investing - Retirement Planning