Research Outlook

Malaysia Economic Outlook 2Q17 - Improved prospects despite lingering risk
31 March 2017
Malaysia Economic Outlook 2Q17 - Malaysia Consumer Price Index: February inflation highest since GFC on lower base effect, rising fuel cost and weaker ringgit
27 March 2017
2Q17 Investment Strategy - Trend is Your Friend?
27 March 2017
Malaysia Economic Outlook 2016. Another tenuous year
05 January 2016
1Q16 Investment Strategy. Investing In a Chaotic World.
05 January 2016
4Q15 Investment Strategy. Worst of Times, Best of Times?
05 October 2015
Malaysia Economic Outlook 3Q15. A Rough Ride Ahead
06 July 2015
3Q15 Investment Strategy: No More Easy Money?
02 July 2015
Malaysia Economic Outlook 2Q15: Seeking Calm and Clarity Amidst Volatility
07 April 2015
2Q15 Investment Strategy: A Stock Picking Season
06 April 2015