Equity Financing

We offer equity financing solutions for retail and institutional investors. Financing is offered through the following corporate exercises that has been approved by relevant regulators.



Financing shares of companies approved for listing by Securities Commision persuant to its listing on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. 

Special Issue

Financing of shares made available from a special issue exercise.  

Offer for Sale

Shares financing for a block of shares belonging to existing shareholders that have been  offered to the public for subscription.

Employee Shares Option Scheme (ESOS)

Financing of new shares for eligible employees to exercise the ESOS allocation.                                                                                

Warrants and Loan Stocks

Share financing for the subscription of warrants and loan stocks.

Private Placement

Financing existing and new ordinary shares of listed companies pursuant to the company's private placement exercise.                 

Reverse Take Over/ Back Door Listing

Financing shares of RTO and back door listing exercises.

Rights Issue

Financing the subscription of rights issue shares.



For more information, please contact azlan@kenanga.com.my or kcsb@kenanga.com.my.

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