Islamic Treasury Products

Kenanga’s Skim Perbankan Islam (SPI) products are approved by our Shariah Committee in tandem with the requirements stipulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

Mudarabah General Investment Account-i

  • MGIA-i is an Islamic investment account product based on the Mudarabah profit sharing concept with maturities typically from overnight to one year.
  • Under this concept, the customer provides capital for KIBB SPI to invest and income earned from the investment will be shared as profits between both parties according to the predetermined profit sharing ratio (PSR).

Commodity Murabahah Deposit-i

  • CMD-i is a wholesale Islamic deposit product with a fixed rate of return conducted through buying and selling of commodities as the underlying transaction based on the Shariah concept of Murabahah (cost plus profit sale).
  • The customer (known as Principal) will be the seller of the commodity while KIBB SPI (the Bank) that receives the placement will be the buyer of the commodity.

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