Targeted Assistance for Clients affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic

We understand that the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has affected the economy and businesses with uncertain timeline to full recovery. For our corporate and individual clients who have been granted financing, we intend to assist viable businesses and ventures that are facing interim business and financial disruptions.

Corporate Financing

For our corporate client with financing, we will work with you in assessing potential solutions, including restructuring and/or rescheduling of your existing facilities. Credit assessment will be undertaken to review your business plans and outlook in working out appropriate solutions.

Please liaise directly with your relationship managers to discuss your requirements.

Share Margin Financing

While stock markets were affected at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bursa Malaysia has since returned strong performance and remains an avenue for stock investment and trading for retail and corporate investors. Subject to our credit assessment, our share margin financing remains available for astute clients in financing and managing their stock investment and trading portfolios.

Please liaise directly with your dealers to discuss your requirements.