Fundamental Analysis @ KenTrade Workshop

Fundamental Analysis @ KenTrade Workshop

Volatility is here to stay.

Make it work to your advantage as golden opportunities arise amidst the chaos for informed investors to acquire value stocks. Break away from the herd mentality and return to the roots of what true, intelligent and successful investing is all about.

Join KenTrade workshop to equip you with the power of insights and skills required to better manoeuvre through potential - risk and leverage on opportunities during volatile times.

It all about managing your capital at risk. Learn to converse the simple language of business to distinguish Investment Grade stocks with low capital risk. Pick up time-tested strategies to build your money-making nest-egg by using fundamental tools available on

Secondly, how value investors access the timing risks via the Earnings and Dividend Yields! We will be showcasing case studies based on Peter Lynch's stock picking methods. Besides, we will also be looking beyond the Investment Grade stock category.

Lastly, you will discover the key to compounding your money consistently regardless of the market sentiments through the power of portfolio management! We will go through the basic mechanism on how to properly run your portfolios and you will be put to the test through a market simulation where each will be given a RM100k portfolio to trade and profit using EP$C,'s latest innovative and proprietary portfolio management system.

Join KenTrade workshop to arm yourself with the right knowledge and skillset needed to reap profits during any volatile market.

  • Introduction to Investing
  • Capital at Risk : The 6 Categories of Stocks
  • Timing Risk : The Earnings & Dividend Yields
  • Value Investing Strategy : The Price-to-Value Divergence
  • Portfolio Management, Your Success Factor
  • Case Studies – Investment Grade Stock
  • Case Studies – Portfolio Management


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8 Apr 2017


9:00am - 5:00pm


Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, Level 17, Kenanga Tower, 237, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


ALVIN VONG, Chief Executive Officer,