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Kenanga Futures Unveils “Grow Your Futures” Campaign to Boost Retail Participation on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives

Kuala Lumpur, 11 September 2023: Kenanga Futures Sdn Bhd (“Kenanga Futures”) proudly announces its latest nationwide initiative, the “Grow Your Futures” Campaign. Geared towards building a smart derivatives trading community, this Campaign marks a stride forward in cultivating a network of savvy and well-informed traders. With a commitment to democratise access to the world of Futures, the Campaign which began on 4 September, is predicated on lowering barriers to entry through reduction in account opening fee (from RM3,000 to a nominal RM10), attractive prizes worth up to RM10,000, one-on-one coaching sessions, as well a commission-free trades.

“Our emphasis on inclusive retail participation underscores our Campaign’s commitment
towards nurturing financial empowerment. It is an invitation to newcomers and novice Futures
traders, providing them the opportunity to unlock the potential of this vehicle for portfolio
diversification and risk management. It is a powerful avenue for hedging equity portfolios, as
well as taking a position on the daily market fluctuations,” says Azila Abdul Aziz, Chief
Executive Officer/Executive Director and Head of Listed Derivatives of Kenanga Futures.

“Our steadfast belief is rooted in the transformational power of knowledge, because we
understand that informed traders make confident decisions. Equipping our clients with tools,
resources and educational support necessary for their journey, has been a cornerstone of our
approach at Kenanga Futures,” added Azila.

As part of this campaign, account opening fee is reduced to a nominal RM10 from the standard
RM3,000. Participants who trade a minimum of 10 Bursa Malaysia Derivatives contracts stand
a chance to win the grand prize of a Blueshark R1 Smart Electric Scooter valued at RM10,000.
Complementing this reward, participants are also in the running to win other prizes, including
the Ultra-Light Series 4 Electric Scooter worth RM1,200, and e-Touch n’Go credit worth

Taking this further, the first 50 participants who open a trading account with Kenanga Futures
will benefit from a complimentary one-to-one coaching session, as well as 20 commission-free
trades across any of the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives products highlighted below.

The 12 Bursa Malaysia Derivatives products covered by this Campaign range from Crude
Palm Oil Futures (“FCPO”) and FBM KLCI Futures (“FKLI”) to Options on FKLI, Gold Futures,
Mini FBM 70 Index Futures, Options on FCPO, KLIBOR Futures, USD Crude Palm Oil
Futures, RBD Palm Olein, East Malaysia Crude Palm Oil Futures, and 5-Year MGS Futures.

The FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index Futures is also part of the line-up – a unique offering
that provides leveraged exposure to companies recognised for their Environmental, Social
and Governance practices.

“We commend Kenanga Futures for their ‘Grow Your Futures’ Campaign’ that aligns with our
shared vision of fostering informed trading and investment strategies. Such initiatives promote
investor awareness and market engagement, which contribute positively to the market’s
growth and dynamism,” said Mohd Saleem Kader Bakas, Director of Bursa Malaysia

Recent trends underscore an increasing appetite for derivatives trading, as evidenced by the
total of 19.1 million contracts traded in the BMD market for 2022, surpassing the previous
record of 18.4 million contracts in 2021 by 3.7%. This demonstrates the market’s dynamic
nature and its potential for substantial gains. In line with this surging interest, the “Grow Your
Futures” Campaign presents an opportune path for traders. With its diverse and accessible
product range, along with its educational initiatives, the Campaign seamlessly aligns with
these evolving market dynamics, offering traders a promising avenue to capitalise on the
changing landscape.

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