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Kenanga OnePRS

With increasing life expectancy and rising standards of living, many find that their retirement funds are not enough to give them the lifestyle they want and encounter financial difficulties when really they should be enjoying their golden years then.

Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) was introduced as an initiative to accelerate one’s long-term retirement savings. Under PRS, an individual can plan for their retirement better through various PRS funds, according to their risk and return profile.

Kenanga Investors’ voluntary private retirement scheme complements the existing mandatory retirement savings scheme and other retirement savings. It is available in both conventional and Syariah options. By providing a choice of funds with different risks and returns to meet your needs, Kenanga OnePRS encourages you to save now for your future.
Retirement Management Scheme

Tax Relief

Enjoy tax relief of up to RM3,000 per annum.


Choose from default options (Growth, Moderate, and Conservative) or self-select funds based on your risk-return expectation to meet your retirement needs. Those below 45 years of age can opt for the Growth Fund option; those between 45 – 55 years can choose the Moderate Fund option while those aged 55 years and above are advised to choose the Conservative Fund option.
Private Retirement Scheme from Kenanga Group
Retirement Scheme from Leading Investment Bank


Feel free to switch between PRS funds to meet your changing retirement needs

Shariah & Conventional Options

For a wider breadth of options, we offer both conventional and Shariah fund options under our Kenanga OnePRS umbrella.
Retirement Scheme from Leading Investment Bank

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Enrol online

Enrol online via PRS Online

Private Retirement Scheme FAQ

Who can apply for Kenanga OnePRS?

Anyone aged 18 years and above is eligible to contribute to the PRS. You will need proof of identification: Identification card/ Police/ Armed Force ID (for Malaysians) or Passport (Foreigners).

Is there a minimum contribution for Kenanga OnePRS?

The minimum contribution amount is RM1,000.

Do I need to contribute on a monthly basis to my Kenanga OnePRS?

You can choose to contribute as often as you would like. To fully benefit from the PRS, you are encouraged to make regular monthly contributions.

Are there fees and charges for Kenanga OnePRS?

Yes, there will be fees and charges incurred when you sign up for Kenanga OnePRS. For more details, you can visit

What are the fund options available?

We have Shariah and conventional fund options:

  • Kenanga OnePRS Growth Fund
  • Kenanga OnePRS Moderate Fund
  • Kenanga OnePRS Conservative Fund
  • Kenanga OnePRS Shariah Fund
    Shariah OnePRS
  • Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Growth Fund
  • Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Moderate Fund
  • Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Conservative Fund

For in-depth fund details, visit