Stay Smart, Stay Alert


Scams happen all the time and unscrupulous individuals prey on the unassuming. Always be wary that it might happen to you as this happens more often than you think. We would like to caution members of the public to be wary of fraudulent individuals impersonating as Kenanga representatives providing fake products or services.

If you have been receiving text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Facebook sponsored post or seen a Facebook page similar to the above, here are the few steps that you can take to avoid being a victim:

  1. Verify the product, email:
  2. Do not continue the conversation.
  3. Check our official websites & social channels:

    Facebook: Kenanga Group
    Instagram: @kenangagroupofficial
    Youtube: Kenanga Channel
    LinkedIn: Kenanga Channel
    TikTok: Kenanga Channel

Please note that Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad will NEVER request for personal banking information such as identification number, banking details, credit card details and/or passwords.

You should only make payment into our official bank account:

  • Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad
  • Kenanga Investors Berhad
  • Kenanga Futures Sdn Bhd

We offer a wide range of investment products. If you are uncertain of any product offered is genuine or authentic, you can also seek clarification with us via any of our official channels.